Erika Knerr. Chakra Tools and Gemstones, 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley CA, 2017.

Fung Collaboratives worked with 1440 Multiversity to launch their Arts Initiative. Joanie and Scott Kriens, founders of 1440 Foundation invited Lance Fung to curate permanent art works into their new immersion center on the 75-acre campus in Scott’s Valley, CA.  Visual Art is an additional way to enhance everyone’s experience in an environment for learning and healing.

New works by Robert Barry, Jessica Higgins, Erika Knerr and John Roloff were presented for the opening of the campus in June, 2017.

Chakra Tools and Gemstones

By Erika Knerr

Knerr was selected to create a work that the visitor first encounters when entering the Outlook building.  Her simple and poignant site-specific installation utilizes gemstones as a metaphor for the transference of energy.  Understanding that 1440 Multiversity is about the act of giving and then passing these lessons forward, Knerr has created an installation that visually illuminates an exchange by creating seven dyed Chakra Tools from raw canvas and other organic materials placed into gemstones.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally mean wheel or circle. It refers to seven spinning wheels of invisible energy or life force throughout the body, starting from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The energetic or light body starts with red at the lower spine, moving through the rainbow to violet at the top of the head. This installation creates a healing area for the viewer to meditate on and personally translate the invisible energy centers of the physical body.

The colors can be used as a game of attraction. They can give insight into an emotional or psychological state that needs personal attention, for example finding yourself drawn to the orange circle, one might focus on their creativity for a period of time. The receptacles have been activated by placing colored canvas “tools” into their corresponding gemstones installed at the height of each chakra.  The stones (from right to left) placed in the chakra circles are: Red Jasper in the red, to be rooted to the earth; Carnelian and Orange Citrite in the orange, (lower abdomen) linked to creativity; Yellow Quartz and Tiger Eye in the yellow, (solar plexus) connected to personal power; Green Quartz in the green, (heart) representing love and compassion; Amazonite in the blue, (throat) in relation to ones voice and expression; Amethyst in the indigo, (third eye) related to seeing and perception and finally Clear Quartz in the violet, (crown) which is the connection to the divine.


Gallery Bergen, Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ. Opening Reception: Wed. Feb. 15, 6-8 pm, thru March 31
This exhibition brings together works from eleven artists that create vibrating, energetic fields of bright colors and dynamic marks. The paintings, sculpture and film pieces use the language of contemporary abstraction, whether hard-edged, organic, geometric or otherwise, to create vibrant energy.
Participating artists:
Gregg Biermann, Alyce Gottesman, Erika Knerr, Stephen Maine, Michael Miller, John Mendelsohn, Natalie Moore, Gary Petersen, Rick Purdy, James Pustorino, Jason Rohlf
Curated by Claire McConaughy